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Sarnafil Tent

Sarnafil tents can be used as tents for marketing offices, exhibition venues, bazaars, showrooms, and guard posts

Sarnafil tents use aluminum frames (Sturdy, heavy, and strong), so that they are not easily shaken when exposed to the wind, the Sarnafil tent installation system is very practical and sample.

The material used for making Sarnafil tents uses IZZI TENT (water proof, not easily torn, flexible) this material is highly recommended for the application of all types of tents.

1. Sarnafil Tent Size: 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and Customized
2. IZZI TENT tent material
3. Horizontal frame:
     - 480cm length
     - Thickness of Frame +/- 2mm
     - Dimensions 6,5cmx6,5cm
4. Vertical frame:
     - 250cm long
     - Thickness of Frame +/- 2mm
     - Dimensions 6.5cm X 6.5cm
5. Order of Diagnosal:
    - Length 353cm
    - 1.5mm frame thickness
    - Dimensions 4.9cm x 4.5cm
6. Tent Weight 5m (160kg)
7. Aluminum frame
8. The shape of the tent can be adjusted to the request and can also add a wall or not use a wall
9. Can be printed or screened
10. Tent installation is not complicated and easy

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