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Specification of custom tent

This folding tent, one of the most practical types of tents among other types of tents. The system applied in folding tents is principally the same as an umbrella tent. For the installation to be pulled enough and the tent will be formed automatically. Likewise vice versa after the use of folding tents is sufficiently pushed in the opposite direction, then the tent will be folded / closed by itself.

There are several sizes of folding tents, including: 1.5x1.5 / 2x2 / 2.5x2,5 / 2x3 / 3x4,5 / 3x6

Folding tents are suitable for: bazzar, distro, exhibition or barbeqeu party. Simple, lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Folding tents made promotional tools can be printed on screen printing and printing, as you wish

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